Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Youth Conference

This year for Youth Conference the Carson City Stake combined with the two Reno Stakes for a combined stake Youth Conference. The conference was held at UNR and the kids stayed in the dorms and the activities, classes and dances were held in the new student union building on campus.

There were over 600 kids in attendance. They had a popular EFY speaker and a former member of the Seatle Seahawks who was a returned missionary from Russia. They had two dances and a "quilting" service project meeting. Food was provided for in the dorms.

It was quite a walk from the Dorms where the sleeping and eating arrangements were to the Student Union building. So the organizers wanted to position "security people" along the way. It was to help the kid navigate to the right place, keep them from wandering off to the wrong places and provide security for the kids at night. I was asked to be one of the security. I was positioned outside the new library on the way to the Student Union building. So all the kids past me coming and going to the activities. Everything seemed pretty well organized and it was very entertaining watching the girls try to navigate the walk while trying to learn how to walk in poor fitting stiletto heels and skirts blowing in the wind. Most of them gave up on the heels and went barefoot. Our ward wasn't so well organized and Thea ended up making arrangements for kids luggage and transportation. Her leaders said she was a good leader. She was mostly annoyed.


Susy said...

Is that really your little girl Thea? I remember when she was my flower girl. Oh my just came to realize Summer will be all grown up before Steve and I know it.
By the way I enjoyed your last post. It reminded me of the scripture "When ye are in the service of your fellow being you are only in the service of your God."
Well Jeff tell Marla hi. Keep up the post.

Abbie said...

Brother Whitaker!

I noticed on Jesse's blog a link to "Dad" and thought I'd come stop by your blog.

I can't believe that is Thea either, last time I saw here she was still a toddler!

It's good to see you're doing well!

Allie said...

That sounds like it was so much fun! It's about time our stake had a really fantastic youth conference (Besides trek. I don't think anything could top trek.) I bet it was a lot of work, though. I hope it all went well even though it wasn't very organized. Good thing Thea helped out, even if it was reluctantly.