Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cherish Virtue

Today was a lesson on Priesthood power. I taught the gospel doctrine class today and the lesson was on Alma 13-16. Alma and Amuelek were teaching the people in Ammonihah. Some of the people accepted the gospel but most did not. In fact those who did not killed the wives and children of those who did. As a torture to Alma and Amuelek, they were made to watch the carnage. Amuelek begged Alma to use his Priesthood power to call down the powers of heaven to stop it. Alma explained that it didn't work that way. Later in prison after days of torture and abuse they excercised their Priesthood power and pulled the prison walls down and killed the chief judge and lawyers.

Later today in Stake Priesthood Meeting President Brewer spoke about Priesthood Power and he related it to the story of Jesus when the woman touched his coat and he asked who touched him, and felt the virtue went out of him. President Brewer then went on to explain how the power of the Priesthood in expressed in the virtuous acts of service. President Ogles told me afterwards that the story of Jesus and the Women in the Book of Luke the word Virtue is spanish is translated power ( Poder). The closing song was "Dearest Children God is Near You" The second verse was perfect summary of President Brewer's talk. Afterwards I complimented President Brewer on his talk and the perfect selection of the closing song. He said it was just one of those wonderful gospel coincidences.

Dearest children, holy angels
Watch your actions night and day,
And they keep a faithful record
Of the good and bad you say.
Cherish virtue! Cherish Virtue!
God will bless the pure in heart.


Jesse said...

I just love that hymn. It will mean something new to me now.

Susy said...

That is one of my personal favorites. I even read it during my dad's memorial for I felt that though my dad was not sick when he passed away, but all that he struggled with in his life was now gone by the touch of death. ie: Christ's plan. Though not a member he had great faith in God and he knew that Christ loved him. Now to my point. My father was a simple man, but one of the greatest lessons he ever taught me was that of helping others out. Even if it was his last dollar or his coat...he gave it to you. Service to God, his country, and to man. These were his morals. So thank you Jeff for shedding some light to the scripture that I love. It brings it full circle to why I needed to read it at my dad memorial.