Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Varsity Shoot Out

Seven years ago Don Dixon and I started an activity in the Nevada Area Council for the Boy Scouts. A Varsity Shoot out for older scouts. We did the last one about five years ago and figured we'd pass the baton for others to carry on. So that was the last shoot out. We decided this year to resurrect the event. We started planning it, finding a location, recruiting a staff, and getting the word out.
The event was this past weekend. We had about 100 people in attendance. We had tomahawk and knife throwing, black powder rifles, 22s, and trap shooting with 12 gauge shot guns. We also had water balloon catapults. We cooked hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch. (We discovered too late that boys were going through the line 3-4 times and we ran out of food and had to go buy more. We went through about 3000 rounds of ammunition. For a little diversion we had the Navy helicopter rescue team fly in from Fallon and do a demonstration. We also had the K9 unit from Douglas County come and make a demonstration. Everyone seemed pretty happy with the event. We'll see how long it takes to forget how much work it was to put on and decide to do it again.