Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Calling Down Eagles

hile in Alaska we took to calling down the eagles. We'd catch Rock Cod which will float when their dead. We found a nesting pair of eagles and would try to imitate their call. When they would fly out we toss out the Cod and wait for them to swoop down and snatch it up. At one time we had three of them flying around us. The pictures do not do the experience justice.

One more for the Bucket List

Jared and Sara at the Seaplane Dock in Ketchikan

Sara's first fish

Jared and Sara and their catch

First day's results

30 foot diameter cedar tree. The biggest in the state

Fishing Wolvereen Creek off of Lake Macdonald

Jared landing his first fish on the fly a big Pink Salmon on Lake Macdonald

Jeff lands a big Pink

Our fly in on Lake Macdonald

Sara landing a Halibut

We didn't catch this one, but he came in on our boat. 200 pound Halibut

Our Halibut Charter and Skipper Shane

Day's catch on the Charter

Jared and Sara on the trail to Roosevelt Lagoon off of Naha Bay

Video of Jared and Sara landing a big Coho Salmon.

One of my dreams has been to fly into a remote lodge in Alaska and go fishing. Last week Jared and Sara and I got to cross that one off my list. Now I can't wait to go back. We flew into Ketchikan Alaska, the Southern most town in the state. From there we boarded a deHaveland Beaver float plane and flew to Grant Island and the Silver King Lodge. The Lodge will accomodate 28 guests. There are small cabins with bedrooms and bathrooms. The Lodge has a big dining room and a couple of sitting rooms. We were there with Doug Russell, Rod Miller and Craig Cassidy. This is a self guided operation. That means they give us a 14 foot skiff with an outboard motor a pole, tackle box, and a map. They tell you to go have a good time and bring the boat back by 7:00. We learned how to catch the fish and by the end of the week we were pretty proficient at it. The food in the lodge was really good and the people were super nice. I ran into three of my clients there; the Louds, Grandpa, Dad and Grandson. We took a couple of extra excursions. For one we flew over to Macdonald Lake and went fly fishing for Salmon. The only footprints on the beach where the float plane dropped us off were bears and eagles. (really big Brown Bears) We didn't see any of either. Catching Salmon on light tackle fly rods is a blast. After a while Sara and Jared got pretty good at casting and landed a few nice Salmon. These were catch and release. It rained off and on all day but we were dressed for it and it was no problem. We were wading in waist deep water anyway. We also took a charter out into the deep water to catch Halibut and more Salmon. That was a great trip we were in fish pretty much the whole time. Two guys on our boat caught a 200 pound Halibut. They tag teamed the fight and it took them about 40 minutes to bring it in. That was pretty exciting to watch.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

100 Year Nevada Jamboree

Introduction to Scuba

Dressing for Scuba

Mountain Man Rendezvous

Civil War Reinactments

Mud Volleybal

Cargo Net toss

Soccer anyone?

Service Project

This week I went with the Scouts to the 100 year Jamboree in Fallon. None of our Scout leaders could go so they asked me to go. ( Truck and Cook Stove does it every time.) We had 7 boys and 4 adults. I coordinated the cooking, trying to get the boys to do as much as possible. It was a great event. The Nevada Area Unit Commissioner Leif Midel from Reno coordinated everything and did a great job. I can't think of anything that was missing. There were lots of activities for the boys. Just a few a pictured above. Our boys didn't even come close to doing everything that was available for them to do. I got to see lots of Wood Badge friends wandering around the fairgrounds. It was hot. Close to 100 and we were camping with no shade. Curtis Campbell was nice enough to go buy a pop up shade cover so we could get out of the sun in our campground. He also rented a room at the nearby Motel Six so the adults had a place go shower. The boys spent a great deal of time in the water. They participated in the mud volleyball tournament. They placed 4th out of 32 teams. They were very pleased with themselves. So was I.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

July Pleasures

Son in Law Cori Lindstrom, grandson Grant, and Grant's Cousin Sidney. Hike to Grovers Hot Springs and waterfall.

Thea, me, Gracie, Toby and Pepper. Grovers hike.

Britney Thompson (daredevil) cliff jumping on outing to Angora Lakes.

Jeff and Bo go to Chicago for Waddell and Reed Circle of Champions meeting. Side trip to Natural History Museum.

T-Rex exhibit. Most intact dinosaur in the world.

Chicago night scene from Lake Michigan.


Jeff and Thea take kayak outing to Lake Tahoe. Hidden beach south of Sand Harbor. Had it all to ourselves.

Very busy July. Started with the Lindstroms and Osborns ( Cori's Family) coming to Lake Tahoe. We let them stay at our condo at Lake Tahoe. (One way to get to see our grandchildren. Oh we got to see Jesse too.) We took a hike to the waterfall by Grover's Hot Springs. ( See Jesse's blog for more pics. http://mydelovelies.blogspot.com) We also went with for a picnic hike to Angora Lakes. We packed in the Kayaks and several of the more adventurous in the group jumped the cliffs. We also took in an Aces baseball game.

Bo and I went to Chicago for the annual Waddell and Reed Circle of Champions meeting. Lots of business meetings, good food, (Chicago style hot dogs really are something special.) We took a few fun excursions. A trip to the Field Museum, (natural history), a dinner cruise on Lake Michigan (compliments of Nationwide Insurance) and a Segway tour of downtown Chicago.

Yesterday Thea and I went kayaking on Lake Tahoe. Found our own little private beach. This on a day with a bazillion people on the lake.