Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas 2012

For the second time this year we got everyone together at one place at the same time.  Thea was able to come from San Francisco for 3-4 days.  Sara and Kevin  (the newlyweds)  came up from LA for three days.  Jared has been here for a couple of weeks.  He's laying over on his way to work as an Arborist in New Zealand.  Jesse and Cori and the grand kids were with us for 8 days.

The grand kiddies had to check out the new hot tub with Uncle Kevin and Aunt Sara.

 It is becoming a tradition to play the bells with Gramme Marla.

 Jared maned the wood fired pizza oven and Cori takes a turn tossing the pizza dough.
 Ah the wonders of Christmas morning.
 Thirty two years ago Marla's grandmother, Mama Jo Coleman, started the tradition of making fancy Christmas stockings for her great grand children.  Marla has continued the tradition by making them for the grand kids and son-in-laws.  Kevin's is the latest.  (second from the left)

 We had some snow for Christmas this year, so Jared and Papa Jeff piled it up
and made a little sledding hill for the kids.

 A beautiful White Christmas
This kid has lived in Phoenix her whole life.  Where did she learn about snow angels?

 The two I-phone girls.
 The Musketeer did a fine job of hauling all six of us up to Lake Tahoe and back.
 Carson Valley Swimm Center provided some good diversions.

Sara and Kevin get married

 November 19, 2012 Sara Married Kevin McFadden in the Reno NV Temple.  We are very happy for her.  Kevin is a fine man.  He is their Ward Elders Quorum President and manages a pediatric dental clinic.  They make a fine couple and seem very happy together.
 I think Marla made 8 of these dresses for all the nieces.  The nephews got purple ties.
 All of the women folk gathered in Los Angeles for the "dress fitting".  Kevin's mother Barbara and his aunt are seated on the left.
 Sara choose a classic retro looking dress.  Marla made her temple dress.  This one was for the reception.
 We had the reception up at Lake Tahoe.  Of course it was stormy.  Luckily it was just a cold rain.  No body seemed to care inside.  I don't think Sara or Kevin even noticed the rain.

 The honeymoon was in Mexicon (Playa del Carmen).  Even the dolphin needed to kiss the bride.

 After the honeymoon Sara and Kevin had an open house inbank  Thousand Oaks.  Kevin's mom Barbara is on Sara's right and Kevin's sister Erin and her husband Tom Chappel.
 We lugged all the gifts back to their apartment.  I think they need a bigger apartment.

Back Yard Redo

We learned in May that Sara and Kevin are engaged to be married in November. So of course I need to redo the back yard first. Not really but it gave me a good excuse to do something I've wanted to do for a while. It started out as a small outdoor kitchen on the south end of the house, but it grew into a bigger project taking up almost half the back yard. Here are some before and after pictures.

We ordered an outdoor barbeque set from a company in Wisconsin.  It was shipped here on a Semi and then we needed a large crane to hoist it over the garage and into the back yard.  Then the pieces were all put together much like a 3D puzzle.