Sunday, February 6, 2011

Scout Sunday at the Nevada State Capital

Nevada State Capital

Scout Choir: Joel Gilbert, Marlan Jonsgsma, Lee Jonsgsma, Matt Stockton, Adam Gilbert, Andy Vardus-Doane.

Statue of Sarah Winnemucca in State Capital Building

Today was Scout Sunday and Marla and I attended the inter-faith service for the Pinenut District of the Nevada Area Council. I thought it would be good to have someone from the Board of Directors in attendance plus they asked me to play the piano for the Boy's Choir.

There were about 70 in attendance. I'm told that was a lot more than last year. I'm disappointed that none of our Ward's boys or leaders were there. The Capital is a fabulous old building with some great history about it. The service was good. We had talks from the Catholics, Methodists, and Mormons, patriotic hymns and the boys chorus was great.

I have a new job on the BSA board. I'm the Vice President of Administration. That puts me on the executive committee, so there will be a few more meetings to go to. I still don't understand the board stuff. It is mostly oversight. I'm used to putting on the programs not monitoring them. Our current task on the board is to choose a new Scout Executive for the Council. That is pretty important and the Scouts have a very well laid out process for doing it. We met on Friday and laid out what our strengths and weaknesses are as a Council and outlined what we think we need in a Scout Executive. Then the word goes out that Nevada is looking. Applications come into the National Office and they select 6 - 8 applications that we as a board review and select 3-4 to interview. Then we fly them out with their spouses