Saturday, November 27, 2010

Post Thanksgiving Flight

So in between snow storms we had a nice day to take the Musketeer up. It had been a couple of months since I last flew, (it's not like riding a bike) so Don and I went up and practiced some landings and steep turns, then I took Thea and Will up for an areal tour of Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe over the wing of the Musketeer

Cascade Lake, Emerald Bay and Tahoe shoreline

Upper and Lower Echo Lakes, starting to ice over

Eye Candy, Lake Tahoe in winter splendor.

First Snows, Thanksgiving 2010

Winter came early this year to the Carson Valley. Near record cold temperatures (-1 degree F) on Wednesday and two days where it never got above freezing during the day.

We had Thea home for Thanksgiving. She brought a friend boy home (Will). Jared and Erin stayed in LA, Sara is studying for Law School in Provo and Jesse and family had their turn with Cori's family. Since Marla is still recovering from knee surgery, I cooked the Turkey, (Dutch Oven) Stuffing, gravy and pumpkin pie. (Home grown and home processed garden pumpkin with ginger snap crust.) Grandma Bettie did the veggies and Thea did the rolls. We had a nice dinner. All the kids called in so the day was complete.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Proposed WFIC land purchas in Genoa

The Whitaker Family Investment Co. LLC made an offer today on 3.5 acres in Genoa in the Eagle Ridge Developement. The prices are down 65% from where they were about 3 years ago. I offered $150,000 for the lot. Seems like a great buy. I plan to keep in the the investment Company as a long term hold. It is on a paved road off of Jacks Valley Road just North of Genoa. It already has water, electricity, natural gas and sewer run to the lot. There is a seasonal stream running across the south end of the property.

This is the view of the lot from the road. It has about 10 mature pine trees. ( Probably 75 to 100 years old) There are another 10 trees that are young maybe 5 -6 years old.

This is the view from about the middle of the lot looking south. A nice small grove on pines on level ground in a grassy area.

This is the view from the back corner of the lot looking East.

Any Whitaker kids that are interested in weighing in on the purchase can post a comment. I'll keep the post up for a week or so and then delete it.