Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cousin Matt

My cousin Matt Whitaker and his family ( wife Niecia, son Kie, and daughters Sophie and Karisa) made a stop over on their way to Northern California for a family reunion. Matt is the youngest son of my Dad's youngest brother. He studied cinematography at BYU and for several years he worked for the LDS Church's film making studios. He was involved in many of the seminary videos and some of the feature films used in the Joseph Smith Memorial Auditorium. He was the screen writer for the film Saints and Soldiers. He is now working on movie called Truth and Treason. It is the story of Hans Huber, a teenager who led a resistance movement in Nazi Germany. He has also done some great documentaries, one one the true story of Hans Huber, another on Micro Credit Financing in third world countries. I have invested some of the WFIC in his current film project. It is a high risk investment as investments go, but I have great confidence in Matt's abilities and taste in film making. It will depend on his group's ability to raise the necessary funds to complete the project. Watch for it in the theaters in a year or two.


Jesse said...

The last time I saw those kids, the girls were around Gracie's age! Hope you had a good visit.

Dan said...

Hey, I know that name, Matt Whitaker, probably from some projects I did while in Utah. I know I at least half-wondered if it was any relation to you guys. I don't recall ever meeting him, but it's a name you see around in studios or film credits or something.

Cool blog! Hope things are well!