Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Early Morning Visitors

Tuesday morning about 2:45 AM we get a call from the Douglas County sheriffs office. O dark thirty calls from the Sheriff all always a little unnerving. They asked me if I owned two horses, a dark one and a white one. I was relieved that it was the horses and not one of the kids. I told her that I had two horses and assumed they got out. Then the dispatch office said the horses were going up and down Kimmerling Street and there were two officers in the front yard with the horses. I got dressed real fast and went outside. It was very dark but sure enough one was dark and one was light colored so I figured it was GS and Zanna. An officer led one and I led the other. When we got two the barn, I saw two horses in the barn, our two horses. I was still half asleep but I turned on the lights and realized, "These aren't our horses. I told the officers they could leave the horses with us until they figured out where they belonged. Turned out they belonged to a family on Rojo and they suspect fowl play from a neighbor. They said that there have been a number of strange goings on at their house lately. They keep five horses on their property so maybe a neighbors doesn't like horses so much.


Jessica G said...

Hey! I was looking at jesse's blog and saw the link that said Dad and thought I would chck out your blog! Funny story about the horses. You should check out my parents blog.
~Jessica G.

Jesse said...

How funny! Hope your Rojo neighbors get the mischief under control.

Allie said...

Oh goodness I bet that GS and Zanna had fun with their visitor friends :) I hope they both got home safely and that the remaining three horses are fine