Saturday, July 18, 2009

Before and Now

For the first time in 25 years I have not have boy scout summer camps , 50 miler, Wood Badge, NYLT, youth conference or other things taking up my Saturdays for the summer. So we have a pretty good garden this year. Marla and I are eating most of our dinners from the garden. So far we've picked lots of different kinds of lettuce, peas, beans, squash, ( I'm convinced that squash could end world hunger.) Onions, potatoes, (Yukon, and Russets). Still to come are tomatoes (please), mellons, corn and peppers. Notice that Thea is working in the garden. (Upper left hand corner.)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Philadelphia and $150,000,000


This year's Waddell and Reed Circle of Champeons meeting was held in Philadelphia. Bo, Ted and I went to attend. We had business meetings in the morning and had some free time to see the sights in the afternoon. We went to Independence Hall and walked the same halls as Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Madison and all the other founding fathers. The building and rooms were interesting but no more impressive than 100 other old buildings. What was awe inspiring was being in the place were the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed. We also saw the Liberty Bell and went to the National Constitution center. We went to the Philidelphia Museum of Art ( of Rocky fame). One evening we were free so we looked up Jake Peterson who is at the University of Pennsylvania on a football scholarship. We took him to an all you can eat Italian dinner and we all ate too much. Then Jake gave us a tour of the University and of course the football stadium. Someone had the ridiculous idea of climbing to the top of the stadium. Of course we did it, full stomachs and all. The view was great from the top.

While at the conference I was recognized as having achieved $150,000,000 in career investment sales. I was the only one to reach that level this year and I think the third in the company's 70 year history. I was surprised that I was given a standing ovation for the achievement. It took 30 years and a fantastic team.