Sunday, March 7, 2010


For the last six months we have had the sister missionaries living in our home. They are a delight to have. It is like having daughters at home again. We have had Sister Camisa Knutson from Montana here for six months and Sister Molly Wornock from Wisconsin for the last three months. Sister Warnock is being transferred from here to Reno. We will miss her. She is a good missionary.

The Call

Rochelle Frogget was my very first interview as a Bishop. She was getting baptized and was eight years old. Marla had her in activity days as an eleven year old, then five years as a young women's president and her Senior year as a seminary teacher. She currently is working for us for a few months in my office. She worked for the office for two years prior to going to college. Here she is receiving her mission call to the Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission. Very Cool!

What a great missionary she will be.

A Week Off

Time to catch up on some bloging. The third week of February Jesse and Cori and kids came out to spend a week with us. Sara also came out from Provo for a few days. We spent 4 nights up at our Condo at Tahoe. We skied, we played games, we slept in, we ate mongolian barbeque and Hawaiian Fusion, we flew the Musketeer on a very bumpy sky (performing a maximum crosswind landing flawlessly), we drove Papa Jeff's new tractor, we read lots of books to the kids, fed the horses, played with Pepper and Toby to the point of doggy exhaustion and watched lots of Olympics. The Olympic viewing did tend to increase the downhill speed on the ski slopes.

We had a wonderful time and hated to say good bye.