Saturday, May 16, 2009

Silver Springs Fly In

Normally the Silver Springs Airport is a pretty deserted strip in Northern Nevada, but for one week end a year it turns into a pretty busy little place. Don and I flew there for the annual fly in. They have military fly overs, hot air balloons, music and food and lots of planes coming and going. To intice pilots to bring their planes, they serve a free pancake breakfast for pilots. Don and I were the second to arrive after an ultra light. They had ramp marshalls just like in the big airport to help park all the planes and a local air controler. We were welcomed by four children who directed us to the registration area, after climbing around in the Musketeer for a while.

We finished our pancakes, watched a few planes fly over and land and then a twenty minute flight back to Minden. It was a great way to start the Saturday.

Time in Illinois and South Carolina

I needed to be in South Carolina for our President's Council meeting. The meeting is on Dafuskey Island and is impossible to get to in one day from Reno. So I decided to stop over for a few days in Illinois and see Jesse and Cori and the kids for a few days. It was great. Gracie and I made projects from her coloring book, Grant and played catch with any round object that could be found. We took a day trip to Galena IL. There we saw President Grant's house. We went to Debate Square in Freeport, where Lincoln and Douglas had their famous debates on slavery. (You can see Grant and Grace trying their hands at oratory.)

Jesse took me to Chicago and then on to South Carolina. President's Council meetings consisted of meetings in the morning, golf or fishing in the afternoon and then the five hour dinners. Pictured is Waddell and Reed President Tom Butch and the Red Fish he was quite proud of.