Friday, June 13, 2008

The Last Concert Bash

When Sara was 16 she started playing the cello with the Carson Symphony. Here she is pictured with the director David Bugli. When we moved to Nevada we told the kids they could each take up an instrument as long as they continued playing the piano. They took lessons from Vicki Sweet our nieghbor across the street and Sara announced that she would be playing the cello. She started taking lessons from an elderly sister in the nieghborhood, Hellen Jones. After a few years with Hellen she started playing with the Carson Symphony. Over the years they have both improved quite a bit. Since Sara will be going away to Law school this fall, this was her last concert for a while. The Concert was held outside at the Governors Mansion. It was a beautiful day and a half decent concert. Sara decided that she wanted to throw a party for the symphony members at our house after the concert. Of course this would require relandscaping the back yard which she and Jared have been working on for the last month, a complete cleaning of the house. reworking all the outside lights, and stringing a variety of additional outside lighting. The house and yard were beautiful. Sara prepared a ton of food, enough for at least a hundred people. We had about 20 people come and it was a very nice evening. I think Sara was pleased with the evening.

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Jesse said...

Sara's reports indicated as much! Sounds like a lovely evening.