Sunday, October 11, 2015

farewell to Dan

My good friend Dan Bowman past away on February 18, 2010. He was my first home teaching assignment when we moved to the valley and he was my Executive Secretary for five years in the Bishopric. He would had been 89 years old in July. His funeral services were on Saturday and the family asked me to give the "spiritual " talk. The script of the talk is attached.


Nashville, Houston, Galveston 2014

The 2014 Boy Scout Conference was in Nashville.  Marla and I try to  spend a couple of extra days to see the sights.  On the way back we stopped in Houston to see the grandkids and take Grandma Bettie to Galveston where she grew up.

Nashville is home to all things Elvis, except Graceland

Studio B where lots of famous recordings took place.

Country Music Hall of Fame, my new hat, best girl and what happened to that great shirt?  I must have left it in Nashville.

President Andrew Jackson's home

Johnson Space Center

Home in Galveston

Johnson Space Center

Johnson Space Center

Space Robot, Johnson Space Center

Christmas 2014

It isn't too often that we can get the whole family together for any period of time.  Jared came home for Christmas after being in New Zealand for two years and he brought his soon to be fiance Kieko Amano home with him.  Keiko is from Japan.  We did some playing, some flying, some horseback riding, some good eating and had our family music fest.

Boys Fishing Trip to Alaska August 2014

Time to catch up on past adventures.  Last August I took Kevin and Cori and Bo took his two sons, Cody and Dominic and we went to the Clover Leaf Lodge in Ketchikan Alaska.  We Fished two days with a guide in Deep water south of Ketchikan and then we fished two days on our own.  The pictures tell the story the best.

On our deep sea trips we hung out with a pod of Humpback Whales the whole day.  It was hard to concentrate on the fishing for the whale watching.