Thursday, August 6, 2009

nauvoo pictures

Hello, all of Jeff's readers. This is his girl- Jesse. He asked me to send him some pictures from our recent adventure in Nauvoo and the quickest way for me to cyberspace them was to hijack his blog. Enjoy!

At the Lands and Records Office

Pioneer Passtimes

In the Seventies Hall

Joseph Smith's clerical office in the Red Brick Store
The Mansion House
Lucy Mack Smith Homestead
The Nauvoo House
Lucy Mack Smith homestead, from behind
The Temple from Parley Street
Statue at the end of Parley Street

Room where RS was organized
Pioneer Memorial at the end of Parley Street

Sunset on the Mississippi

Demonstrations at the Family Living Center
Parley Street looking out onto the Mississippi River
Parley Street

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Allie said...

Jesse- Wonderful pictures! How great that you could get some quality time with your mom and daddy :)