Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dan and Bertha Bowman

Fifteen years ago when we moved to Gardnerville, one of the first families we met was the Bowmans. I was assigned to be Dan and Bertha's home teacher. They both love to talk. Our home teaching visits would usually end with Dan saying, "you sure don't talk very much" and then Bertha would say "you never gave the poor boy a chance to open his mouth." This wa after about two hours. As it turned out we lived on the same block in Springfield Virginia. I was three years old at the time and Dan and my dad both worked at the Pentagone in Washington DC. They were not members of the church at the time and I'm not sure if my parents knew them but casually.

When I was called as Bishop of the CVII Ward, I had a very strong impression to call Dan as the executive secretary. I fought the feeling thinking we would never get anything done with Dan talking so much. I called him anyway and he was the best executive secretary I have every seen. He was remarkably quite during our meetings and only chimed in when asked for his input on something. He had dogged determination in lining up my appointments. One time he called me at work and said "Bishop I've been calling this person all day and they don't answer" This was around 10 in the morning and he was calling for a youth interview. I suggested he wait until they got home from school. Dan served in that capacity for five years and was my only executive secretary.

He and Bertha are both 88 years old now and they are moving to Monterey to an assisted living center close to their son Danny. We will miss them dearly. It feels like a chapter ending. I hate chapter ending. Best success to you Dan and Bertha!


Susan Marie Photography said...

I enjoyed this post! Please wish the Bowmans well for me! By the way I was also on that list of first families you were to visit! I also really have a great story to share with you and your first phone call you made to me!

Susan Marie Photography said...

Oh this is my other blog!
if you are wondering who wrote this it's me, Susy Balaz!