Friday, June 7, 2013

Office Remodel and Open House

Bo and I have shared the same office space for 17 years now. We have had as many as five people working in 1100 square feet, plus office supplies, storage, and files. (a lot of files) When the company across the hall from us called it quits we looked into combining their space with ours. We moved a few walls around to move the entrance to the office to the end of the hall so that one door would enter both spaces. The new office space was painted a sickening shade of blue so we repainted it to match our other side. We put down some porcelain tile to connect the two spaces. We completely redid our storage area. We brought in a digital electronics firm so that now we have state of the art networking, wireless and phone systems. We also have a conference room now that we wired with a giant 80 inch video monitor. Everyone jokes that it so we can watch sports, but we don’t have it hooked up to the TV. It is for displaying client information in meetings. We now have about 2300 square feet for the five of us to work in. We actually have more space than we need but it gives us room to grow and we didn’t have to move.

Phase two of our growth plan was to hire another financial advisor. We have been looking for a while but I think we have made a good hire in hiring Virginia Bayne. She is from Santa Rosa California, has a finance degree from Fresno State, worked for 3-4 years for Edward Jones and two years for Waddell and Reed in our Reno Office. So far she seems to be a good fit for the office and is proving very helpful. Time will tell how much money she makes us but so far she has been a big help in customer service issues.

Phase three of the plan is for me to take more time off. I’ve been taking a couple of Fridays off a month so far this year and I really like that. I’m going to try to get more of those Fridays in.

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