Friday, June 7, 2013

Eastern Nevada BSA trip

As the Council Commissioner, I try to go with the Scout Executive for his Fireside Chats with the various BSA Districts throughout the State.  This week fell on Elko and Ely.  Elko on Tuesday and Ely on Thursday.  That means I had a day and a half to explore some of the wilder parts of Eastern Nevada.  Wednesday and Thursday morning was spent in Lamoille Canyon, sometimes referred to as Nevada's Yosemite.  I hiked up Lamoille Canyon trying to get to Lamoille Lake.  I didn't have a map but just planned to follow a well wore trail.  About a mile up the trail I lost the trail in snow drifts.  After the third time losing the trail I headed back down.

I packed up the Trailer and headed to Ely.  I went by way of Wells so I could visit Angel Lake.  We had a good meeting in Ely and then it was travel home via Highway 50.
Home sweet home

Beginning of hike up Thomas Canyon

Beaver Dam half way up

Did I mention, I really like Beaver Dams?

Top of Lamoille Canyon

Angel Lake

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