Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sara and Kevin get married

 November 19, 2012 Sara Married Kevin McFadden in the Reno NV Temple.  We are very happy for her.  Kevin is a fine man.  He is their Ward Elders Quorum President and manages a pediatric dental clinic.  They make a fine couple and seem very happy together.
 I think Marla made 8 of these dresses for all the nieces.  The nephews got purple ties.
 All of the women folk gathered in Los Angeles for the "dress fitting".  Kevin's mother Barbara and his aunt are seated on the left.
 Sara choose a classic retro looking dress.  Marla made her temple dress.  This one was for the reception.
 We had the reception up at Lake Tahoe.  Of course it was stormy.  Luckily it was just a cold rain.  No body seemed to care inside.  I don't think Sara or Kevin even noticed the rain.

 The honeymoon was in Mexicon (Playa del Carmen).  Even the dolphin needed to kiss the bride.

 After the honeymoon Sara and Kevin had an open house inbank  Thousand Oaks.  Kevin's mom Barbara is on Sara's right and Kevin's sister Erin and her husband Tom Chappel.
 We lugged all the gifts back to their apartment.  I think they need a bigger apartment.

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