Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Crest Trip to Lanai

 This year's Waddell and Reed Crest incentive trip was to the island of Lanai in Hawaii.  We decided to  take Jesse and Cori and their children this year.  They have been on a Crest trip with us before.  Lanai is small, desert, and sparsely populated (3600).  Playing on the beach is the main activity so we figured that would be a great time with the grandkids.
 There are two resorts on the Island.  Both of them are Four Seasons.  They are spectacular resorts.  The swimming pool was a popular place to spend some time.

 Feeding the fish with Grame Marla was a favorite activity.  Eden thought she would try some of the fish food.

 This was our room looking out over the beach.  Because of my years with the company they treat me pretty well.

 Meal time is always a hit.

 Grace learned some hula dancing.
 A little Conch Shell duet with Papa Jeff
 A day exploring the tidal pools
 We always enjoy going to church in different parts of the world.  We took our friend Linda Francis from Chicago with us.  She is a very devote woman and extremely well traveled.   She always attends church on Sunday where ever in the world she is.  I think it was her first visit to a Mormon Church.
 Lanai City is the only town on the Island.  The pine trees are "Cook Island Pines"  With the cool Island breezes and the pine trees, we felt more like being in the Sierras than on an Island in Hawaii.

 The company always puts on a fancy dinner on the last night of the trip.

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