Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jeff and Petey's excellent adventure

 Caves at Cave Lake State Park
 From the trail above Cave Lake
 Beaver Dam
 Cave Lake
 Our Camp at Cave Lake State Park

 End of the road Lamoille Canyon
 High Rise Beaver Dams

 Entrance to Lamoille Canyon
 Ranch Land looking up towards the Ruby Mountains
The old Presbiterian Church in Lamoille.

It's been awhile since my last post.  My life has been endless paperwork in our regulatory "Books and Records Suitability Update".  So I have had very little to write about.  In my new BSA job as Council Commissioner, I have been traveling around the State meeting with various leaders and attending various events.  This week I had to be in Elko on Tuesday and Ely on Thursday.  I decided to just stay in the East rather than drive back and forth twice.  I loaded the fishing gear, bought a bunch of favorite food, hooked up the Airstream and  threw Petey in the truck.  We had a good meeting with a bunch of Scouters in Elko and then I stayed the night in the Iron Horse RV park.  It is always funny to me to park our 16 foot pod in amongst the 40 foot big rig RVs. 

Wednesday we traveled up Lamoille Canyon and cruised around the Spring Creek area.  Lamoille Canyon is an area I've always wanted to see.  It is a U shaped glacial canyon with 11,000 foot peaks still covered with Glaciers in the middle of the desert.  From Lamoille we drove to Ely and pitched camp at Cave Lake State Park.  The fishing was good.  I caught three in the evening with a fly rod and four in the morning with a spinning rod.  Petey and I ate when we were hungry napped when we were tired.  I read, played my guitar and enjoyed the down time.  Wednesday night we had a good scout meeting with local leaders.  I started back about 8:30 and drove to a rest stop outside Eureka. 

Friday morning I drove the rest of the way home and went back to work.  All in all we drove about 1000 miles, saw some beautiful, remote Nevada country and had a great trip. 

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