Sunday, April 24, 2011

A walk down memory lane and the Graduate.

Thirty six years ago Marla and I were freshmen at BYU. The latest addition to the University that year was the J. Rueben Clark Law School. Little did we know that three and a half decades later we would be attending graduation ceremonies for one of our daughters. We had a great time with family and friends. It brought back many memories for me of our years there and a great sense of gratitude for a wonderful institution that is a blessing for anyone who can spend some time there.

To my knowledge, Sara is the first one of the Whitakers, Grovers, or Baileys to wear one of those hoodie things they give out in Law School.

A little photo shopping to get rid of the couple about to fall in the creek and this is suitable for framing.

Guess who the next college grad in the family will be?


Dinner after the graduation ceremonies at the "Chefs Table" in Orem. Roomies and Law School buddies.

Family too.

Convocation ceremonies in the de Jong Concert Hall.

Fun times with the WII at Sara's house.

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Allie said...

How fun! Congratulations on having a lawyer in the immediate family! I'm so glad you posted pictures. Next time you're in Provo I need to have you over for dinner at my house!