Sunday, April 3, 2011

Time with the kids

This past week I have spent a fair amount of time with young people. Brent Eddy is one of the Government teachers at Douglas High School. He asked me to come and talk with five of his government classes about personal finance. I spent most of the day on Thursday and Friday morning with his classes. It was fun to be with the kids. They were all Seniors and will be graduating soon. They seemed interested for the most part. Some of them seemed to be very interested. Some didn't seem like they would be interested in anything.

Saturday I had about six young men and their dads at the hanger of Hutt aviation to work on the Aviation merit badge. This was an assignment after the merit badge clinic a couple of weeks ago. I let everybody climb around in the Musketeer and showed them how a pre-flight inspection goes. Then we drove around the airport and learned about how things work at a municipal airport.

All told I probably spoke with 90 to 100 young people this week.

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