Sunday, August 1, 2010

July Pleasures

Son in Law Cori Lindstrom, grandson Grant, and Grant's Cousin Sidney. Hike to Grovers Hot Springs and waterfall.

Thea, me, Gracie, Toby and Pepper. Grovers hike.

Britney Thompson (daredevil) cliff jumping on outing to Angora Lakes.

Jeff and Bo go to Chicago for Waddell and Reed Circle of Champions meeting. Side trip to Natural History Museum.

T-Rex exhibit. Most intact dinosaur in the world.

Chicago night scene from Lake Michigan.


Jeff and Thea take kayak outing to Lake Tahoe. Hidden beach south of Sand Harbor. Had it all to ourselves.

Very busy July. Started with the Lindstroms and Osborns ( Cori's Family) coming to Lake Tahoe. We let them stay at our condo at Lake Tahoe. (One way to get to see our grandchildren. Oh we got to see Jesse too.) We took a hike to the waterfall by Grover's Hot Springs. ( See Jesse's blog for more pics. We also went with for a picnic hike to Angora Lakes. We packed in the Kayaks and several of the more adventurous in the group jumped the cliffs. We also took in an Aces baseball game.

Bo and I went to Chicago for the annual Waddell and Reed Circle of Champions meeting. Lots of business meetings, good food, (Chicago style hot dogs really are something special.) We took a few fun excursions. A trip to the Field Museum, (natural history), a dinner cruise on Lake Michigan (compliments of Nationwide Insurance) and a Segway tour of downtown Chicago.

Yesterday Thea and I went kayaking on Lake Tahoe. Found our own little private beach. This on a day with a bazillion people on the lake.

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