Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Favorite Gal

With Jesse in Michigan, Christmas 2008

Trying out a segway in Vienna

Overcoming fear of hieghts on the Vienna ferris wheel

Mingling with the locals in Prague

With Sister Cyndie at childhood home

Favorite place in the world. San Antonio and the Alamo

We Jeff on the Mississippi, Navou Illinois

Easter 2010 with the grandkids, Grace and Grant

Feb. 2010 ski week in Tahoe Condo, Grace and Grant

Thanksgiving 2009 with mom, Sara and Thea

All gussied up for Genoa Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival 2010

Today is Mother's Day and I've been meaning to do this since her birthday. (this is third attempt due to computer issues) Today's blog is dedicated to my favorite gal , Marla.

Here are the things that make her happiest:
Time with grandchild, nothing puts a smile on her face more than this; anything Texas, and especially San Antonio; her 1967 restored Ford Mustang, teaching Seminar, even if just as a substitute, puppies, dogs, (but not the Horses, she threatens them with the glue factory); favorite food : hamburgers; favorite treat: a Dr. Pepper; favorite date: dinner and a movie; favorite place (besides Texas); London; favorite movies: British; favorite TV shows: Victorian English Period Pieces, usually on BBC America. She thinks she really should have been born in Victorian England, but only as Royalty. She loves sewing cloths for the grandkids, that is of course after she completed 90 pieces of clothing for the Douglas High School Madrigals costumes, worked on a few prom dresses and temple dresses for some of her Young Women from when she was YW President (5 years) or sewing up cloths for the missionaries or sisters in the Spanish Branch. She loves church service. Usually she will spend hours and hours on any calling she has, even the ones she doesn't like. Broadway and old musicals are another favorite. She is a big fan of the Aces AAA baseball team in Reno. She is also quite fond of our new 16 foot little Airstream travel trailer ( much to the kids disgust, she calls it the Sugar Shack) We have many places yet to see in it.

Here are things she does not like.
Bad knees due to arthritis, cooking except for the fact that we have to eat, running out of Dr. Pepper, ( she keeps a secret stash in the sewing room ), yard work, however she has become rather proficient in canning and storing the garden produce. While she is devoted to serving in her callings, she is not fond of hours to time on the phone it takes to organize church choirs in her calling as Stake Music Director. (She'd rather teach early morning seminary), doesn't like too cold or too hot. (She says she suffers from a perennially cold nose. I'm sure there are many things I do that tic her off, but the main ones I hear about are falling asleep on the sofa with the TV on and trying to sneak wearing the same shirt two days in a row. (She may not like to cook, but I always have a supply of clean, pressed shirts.) I've never heard her complain about any of the kids. Worry but never complain. She's the one they go to when they need to talk.

We've been best friends for 34 years, married for 30, through good times and bad, traveled the world together, worked in the church apart and together, (I was YM President for a while while she was YW President) and now we are able to do some things together. ( We were ticket takers at the Cowboy Poetry Festival and we are going to the Boy Scout National 100 anniversary in Dallas together.) She's a fine companion, a supportive wife, a good mother, an excellent grandmother, a faithful and devoted member of the church and my favorite gal.

Happy Mother's Day


Allie said...

Aw, how sweet!!! I bet Marla loved this! What a great Mother's Day gift

Marla said...

As a matter of fact, Allie, I do love this. A lot. It's a wonderful gift from the man of my dreams.