Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jared and Erin in Los Angeles

I had a week of work in Southern California and was was able to spend some time with Jared and Erin. They live in Los Angeles near the Hancock Park area ( very exclusive) but where they live it is Korea Town. Jared told me it is the third most densely populated area in the country. I believe it. Every available space has someone living in it. Their house was neat and clean and nicely decorated. (Erin to be sure) Since Jared is studying Horticulture at Pearce College there were plants everywhere. They even have a yard, it is immaculately trimmed with lots of flowers in boom and lots of trees. They are all trimmed so as to not take up much space and are around the edges but they have a lot of citrus and an avocado tree. Jared is busy with school, doing some landscaping work and learning how to surf. Erin works for an Artist and is working to promote his work. They seem to enjoy the big city life and the many different people. It was good to see them. I hadn't seen them since December.

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Susy said...

He looks really happy Jeff! Your kids are great! I have always loved them!