Sunday, February 1, 2009

Saturday Ski Club

For the last fourteen years I have been a chaperon with the Douglas County Ski Club. The club meets every Saturday morning for ten weeks starting in January. We load up between 70 and 130 kids on school buses and head up to Heavenly Valley Ski Resort. All four of the kids have grown up with the club on Saturday winter mornings. For the previous two years Sara was a Chaperon with me. All of the kids are very good skiers. Jared is a fairly amazing skier. I've gotten better over the years as well. This year I have no kids in the club, but I'm a chaperon anyway. I tell people it's for the "children" but it's really for me. Many of my good friends are chaperons on the club and I enjoy the day with them. Rob Pumphrey, Willie Macquellin, Bill Coverly, Clay Davis, Rob Maxwell and Tom Ingham. It's great excercize and after 14 years I never tire of the mountain, the views of Lake Tahoe, and the glories of winter. I'm sure if it weren't for the ski club I'd find other responsible things to do on my saturdays. I have great memories with the kids and hopefully they do too, a fair proficiency in skiing and love for winter and the mountains. (I probably had that before).

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