Sunday, February 22, 2009

A boy and his horn make good

When we first moved to Gardnerville one of the first families we began friends with were the Barretts. They have three children, James, Dan and Rose. James played the cornet, Dan the Trombone and Rose the Violin. I think they all played the piano and sang as well. With the musical inclination of our kids our families became good friends. We would get together for General Conference every year. We would share a meal and have a little music fest in between conference sessions. (The Barretts provided most of the talent.) At Christmas time we would go caroling together with a brass choir. (Sara added her trumpet to the Barretts brass section.) Dan played his trombone with Jesse and Sara in the Douglas High School marching band and concert band. Dan and Jesse sang in the Madrigals together.

Over time kids have a way of living their lives and going their separate ways. James is in Japan, Rose is playing her violin in Italy and France and Dan is finishing a PHD in music performance on the Bass Trombone at Arizona State in Tempe Arizona. Dan was the featured soloist at the Carson Symphony in a concert tonight. He played a concerto written for the bass trombone. Not exactly a sing along type of song, but the piece is written as a competition piece for the Juliard School of Music. It featured a truely virtuoso performance on the horn. It was amazing. I think Dan is 30 by now. It was great to see him again and many of our friends who came out to see him.

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