Sunday, September 14, 2008

Reno Air Races

One of the fun things about living in Northern Nevada is the Reno National Air Races. It takes place at the Stead Airport just north of Reno. This year I went with Marla on Saturday. In the past I have gone during the week and played hookey. I know now why. The traffic and crowds were in incredible. But we did make it there in time to see the US Air Force demonstratoin team " The Thunderbirds". They were amazing to watch. The Air Force also had the F22 Raptor demonstration team and the performed a demonstration of the flying capabilities of the F22. The Thunderbirds were incredible in their precision and manouvers. The F22 performed what is basically aeronatically imposible. The Air Force guys were truely inspiring. An interesting side note is that my Dad flew in the Marine Corps demonstration flying team. The planes and times were very different back then.

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