Sunday, September 21, 2008

Aunt Jean's Sheep Camp

My Aunt Jean was quite the cowgirl. She was always interested in horses and usually had one or two. I first learned to ride horses on her little ranch in Sarasota Florida. She loved everything Western. When she moved to Utah with her third husband they bought an old warehouse that was last used as a place to store honey. They restored it into the cutest western cottage you could imagine. Her husband "Patch" Peterson was a Western Sculpture artist. As part of their various restorations they found an old "sheep camp" trailer. A sheep camp is an upgraded version of a covered wagon. It could be pulled into remote locations and provide sheep herders a place to sleep and get out of the elements. They were common between the turn of the century and the 1930s. Jean and Patch restored the sheep camp. It even had a pot belly stove in it. I always thought the sheep camp was the coolest thing ever. I liked the fact that it was compact and small. It could go just about anywhere.

Aunt Jean died of breast cancer a few years ago. I was hoping to buy the sheep camp from Uncle Patch. It had sentimental value because Aunt Jean restored it and I wanted to keep it in the family. Plus I thought it was really cool. My Uncle Patch sold it off faster than I could imagine.

Ever since then I have thought it would be nice to have a go anyway, small, compact camper trailer. I figured I could never find a restored sheep camp. I found and purchased a 16 foot Airstream Trailer. It is small and very compact. It is hardly rustic. It has solar power, satellite radio, TV, DVD surround sound. It is really cool.

We are going to take it up to Lake Tahoe next week end for my birthday.

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