Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pictures from Whistler Helli-skiing

It was great to spend time with Jared. We couldn't helli-ski the second day due to weather, so we skied on Whistler mountain which was solid ice except for one patch of ice we found in the trees. It was too much work and we were both tired from the previous day's skiing. So we drove around the area and had an early dinner. I have a best friend in my son which is most gratifying. He even waits for me to catch up on the ski slope. We agreed that Whistler would make an excellent family destination and promised to return to try Helli-skiing with the family. I'll have to work on my powder skills and the mutual fund business will have to do well in the mean time.

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Jesse said...

Great pictures. Yes, lets make this a family trip. Cori and I have helli-skiing on our 'someday' list. Looks amazing.