Monday, May 19, 2008

Mr. President

Tom Butch is the President of Waddell and Reed. He has been with the company for about six years and is a geat addition. I have become good friends with him over the last few years as a result of being on the Presiden's Council. He is my same age and has 2 children. He is from Pittsburg originally and was President of the Stein Roe funds prior to coming to Waddell and Reed. He is often kidded about his extensive vocabulary and has a very quick wit. He is he master of a presentation. His annual presentation is always filled with the typical power point slides but he will insert video clips to add some humor. Last year he made a video trying to show what the financial planning world would look like in fifty years. It was a crack up. This year he made a home office version of "THE OFFICE" the hit NBC comidy about a paper supply company. He had different home office people play different parts on the show. He has established a tradition of finishing his presentation with some type of musical number. He does the singing and it is obvious that he has a good enough voice but is by no means a professional. He has done ROCK and ROLL, COUNTRY, OPERA, RAP. He'll compose the words to summarize his presentation. This year he used a SOUND of MUSIC theme. ( For our big company trip we are going to Vienna Austria, Sound of Music Country) He changed the words to fit his presentation. His presentations are always the most memorable part of the conference. A great leader.


Jesse said...

Two things: The art of presentation is something I feel I really learned a lot about last time on Course at Woodbadge. I'll always remember the examples you shared about this guy.

Second. How I wish we could join you in Vienna! Gma Whitaker talked about going there a lot before her cancer got bad. That is going to be such a fun trip. You'll have to post lots of pictures and commentary when you get back.

Susy said...

Vienna...... the closest I'll get to Vienna, is dunking Vienna cookies in milk! Have a nice trip and be safe.