Sunday, June 12, 2011

The New Office

I have a number of clients between Northern Nevada and Southern Washington. I decided it was time to pay them a visit. This time, insted of rushing from place to place and meeting to meeting, I decided to take Marla and combine a little business with some camping in our little trailer. I call it my new office. We spent the first night in the Redwoods in Hendy State Park. That night we had dinner with Geoff and Margi Rice. We had Japanese food and Margi gave us a copy of her latest CD.

Hiking on Titanium knees in the Redwoods.

We next stopped in Roseburg at the Rising River RV park. This is our first time in an actual RV Park. We make lots of friends with our little trailer. I can't tell if people like our little airstream or they are taking pity on us because our trailer is so much smaller than every other trailer in the Park. That night we had dinner with Dick and Barbara Jorge. Wednesday morning I had breakfast with Kash Siepert.

We next drove over to the coast and hooked up with our friends the Glasmanns at the Honey Bear RV park in Gold Beach Oregon. We have been friends with the Glasmanns since our Jesse and their Jessica were friends in Kindergarden. They are both 30 years old now.

We took a day trip up the Rogue River on a big Jet Boat. It was powered by three massive engines. Our trip was 104 miles round trip and we were gone for about eight hours.

They Call this the Pinosarous Tree!

The first half the the trip was pleasant boat ride aided by entertaining commentary from our guide. The second half was more white water and rapids along with high speed 360s in the jet boat.

We saw bald eagles, ospreys, deer and harbor seals.

note to self. Maybe time to try a Rogue River fishing trip some time.

The Rogue River trip as well as camping with the Glasmanns definitely deserve a do over. Soon.
It wasn't a bad business trip either.

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Allie said...

What a fun way to conduct business! Looks like you had a great "vacation!"