Sunday, October 31, 2010

Redding Handbell Festivale

There are some things that Marla really loves. Her little houses, collecting playing card decks, Dr. Pepper, hamburgers, puppies and playing hand bells with the United Methodist Hand Bell Choir. We drove to Redding to attend the Redding Hand Bell Festival. They formed a big group of about 70 ringers and practiced several numbers for a public concert latter in the afternoon. There were several groups that performed solo numbers.

Eigthy four counts into Scott Joplins "Train Collision Rag" Marla blows the whistle. Big time performance pressure.

One of the solo performances. This lady played 38 bells at once on what is called a bell tree.

I even got in on the action. During their rehearsal I played the high g g sharp and A. I owned those bells. Of course they told me I would be happy to watch the performance for the public with the public. Oh well it was fun while it lasted.

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Jesse said...

"I owned those bells." Ha! Totally great. Glad you got to live it up a little with mom before the surgery.