Sunday, January 10, 2010

A bit of Hispanic Irony

A bit of Hispanic irony. In the Hispanic culture there is a great admiration for Jesus Christ. (Jesucristo) They love Jesus so much that they frequently name there male children Jesus. This would not be disrespectful since the name of the Savior in Spanish is Jesucristo. One member of our Spanish Branch is Jesus Rodriguez. Another member of our branch is Cesar (Ceasar) Valedez. They both spoke in sacrament meeting today. I'm sure the irony was lost to the members of the Branch. But the gringo in me thought it very interesting in the eternal perspective of things to have a Sacrament Meeting where the two main speakers were Jesus and Ceasar


Susy said...

I love that!
Hey I must say I need to call and chat with you....Lately I have felt the strong stewardwardship that Lord gave you to watch over me and my family though we are not near, the arrival
of Sister Kim here in my ward and Sister Knudsen in your home makes me know that the friendship I share with you and Marla is truly from the Lord! I am grateful to understand this!

Jeff said...

Perhaps there is more to friendships than the 70-80 years we spend here. Feelings, connections, and beliefs carry over from one realm to the other. I think.

Best Success