Saturday, November 28, 2009

Grandma Bettie Goes Hard Rocker

We have a family tradition of seeing a movie on Thanksgiving. This year we saw The Blind Side with Sandra Bullock. It is the true story of Michael Lewis, who became one of the highest paid defensive ends in NFL history. He was a poor boy from the projects and got taken in by a wealthly white family in Memphis. He tested in the lowest 5% in all categories except being protective in which he tested in the top 2%. He was a gentle giant but figured out defense in football. A very good movie and a touching story. A great Thanksgiving flick.

Last night at Grandma Bettie's suggestion we went to Reno through a binding snow storm to see the Trans-Siberian-Orchestra. (eat your heart out Glasmanns) It is kind of a Black Sabath version of Manhiem Steamrollers doing Christmas Songs. We had tickets on the fourth row. We could see the swet on the guitarists upper lips, feel the heat from the pyro-technics, and tell when the violinists were faking it. Great light show, very loud music, lots of talent and energy and on occasion very lovely. Did I mention it was loud. At times I thought that maybe it was a little too loud and crazy for Grandma Bettie, but everytime I looked over to see how she was doing she had a smile on her face. ( She did pass out ear plugs to everyone around her.) Afterwards she said she loved it and it was a once in a life time experience.


Susy said...

Jeff the football players name is Michael Oher. Michael Lewis wrote the book! Excellent book give it a read! But then again I love football! and I love this story!

Allie said...

Blind Side was a great movie! I'm glad that you had fun at the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Lucky!

Don Dixon said...

Every year I tell Shari we should go to the Trans-Siberian orchestgra, but we have never made it. I am glad to hear you liked it. I always wondered if it was good. Next year I will have to make it.