Friday, September 18, 2009

Sheriff Bob

Well Deputy Sheriff that is. Our friend Bob Hines was just sworn in a Douglas County's newest Deputy Sheriff. The Hines family moved to the Valley a couple of years after we did. Their two boys Andrew and Tyler were friends with Jared and their daughter Allison is good friends with Thea. We have been in each others homes often through different activities in the Church. Bob has led an interesting career. He was 28 years with the phone company, many of them as a manager. He left Verizon and went to work for a motorcycle sales organization, when that didn't work out he sold Cadillacs and Buicks. In fact he helped me get a great deal on our Caddi. He was a great sales man. He always made sure the care was clean any where I went. In fact it was a little embarashing if I even got a spot on it because he would come over and clean it. When the economy went bad and the car business dried up he sold time shares up at Lake Tahoe. Everything he has done he has tackled with great enthusiasm. It has been a real example to me. After 30 years of work he has decided to go in a whole new career in law enforcement. Bob asked us to give him a charator reference and write a letter of recomendation. He is embracing this new direction with the same enthusiasm as always. Good luck and best success to Sheriff Bob.

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