Friday, April 3, 2009

Marla and Cyndie's excellent adventure to San Antonio

Last year Marla's sister Cyndie and her husband Tim came up with the idea of the four of us going to San Antonio to celebrate our 30th aniversarys. So off we went. Tim served his mission there and I was along for the ride. There is something that the rest of the world has to understand about Texans. They have a nationalism about their state like no one else. You'd think it was it's own county. Oh I forgot it used to be it's own country. We visited the houses and nieghborhoods they grew up in. We went to the Alamo, the Riverwalk,and the Institute of Texas Cultures. We visited their father's grave site. We spent a lot of time with their aunt Lynn and her two daughters (the girl's cousins) Melanie and Ramona. We visited Marla's best friend from High School, Terry. At the church we hooked up with their friends the Walkers ( He is now the Patriarch) We also met up one of the kid's Marla taught in Sunday School, Brad Winter and his family ( He is now 47) We also attended the San Antonio Temple. It is a small temple but incredibly beautiful on the inside. It was a great trip.

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Susy said...

Thanks for sharing! Glad you posted pics tell Marla I said HI!